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We've built Blankly so that trading algorithms and quantitative finance would be more accessible to more people. As a company, we continue to innovate for our customers and our community

Lines of Code
Check out our motivations for building Blankly

Meet our growing core team

We're a group of impassioned people excited about quantitative finance, building things, and making an impact on the world. We've all poured our hearts out into this project and the package, so we can't wait to see what you do with it.


    Built from our own struggles

    When we started Blankly, we were just messing around with improving API calls between the crypto exchanges that we were trading on. Until we realized that this could be so much more if we optimized trading so that everything felt exactly the same.

    When we built our own models, we would always have to create new code to interface and submit orders, get data, ultimately taking more than a couple of months to build out a full stack of connections. This made it:

    1. A continuous struggle to maintain connections with exchanges
    2. Constant code updates and less time working on improving our model

    Blankly was born out of "laziness". We have successfully streamlined the process and we continue to add more exchanges as our community requests them.