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Frequently asked questions

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Why did you create Blankly?
Blankly started out of our own struggles building quant models. It took us months to just gather the data needed, another month to build the model, and another few months just to figure out how to deploy it. With Blankly, we take that process and make it just a few lines of code. We want to make what we've learned over time and make it available for everyone.
Is Blankly Open-Sourced?
Yes, all of Blankly is open-sourced, definitely check out our Github and submit a PR. We're continuously making more and more improvements as we go. So definitely check out our github for the latest updates and releases.
What can you do with Blankly?
We're making it super easy for you to build one trading bot that runs on any exchange. We give you the tools and the ability to interface with any exchange and we let you handle the rest. We're not trying to sell you our specific trading bot
What else do you have in store?
We're working really hard and have a lot more coming soon. So stay tuned and check out our project roadmap to see what's up!
How do I get started?
All you have to do is install our package and check out our getting started docs! It's as simple as that.

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