Build better trading algorithms faster.

Whether you're just starting out or you're trading millions, we've got you covered and are here to streamline your algotrading workflow on hosted or self-hosted infrastructure so you can focus on building better algorithms.



$0 /mo + Hosting Costs

Giving you the tools to get you up and running instantly.

  • 2K Hosting Credits
  • Unlimited Backtests (Only Hosted)
  • Live Deployment (Only Hosted)
  • Integrate Reporting with Your Stack
  • Deployment Logs
  • Backtest Comparisons
  • Deploy from CLI (Only Hosted)
  • Trade Annotations
  • Local Backtest Exports
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Most popular

$25 /seat/mo + Hosting Costs

Tools to help you collaborate, scale and trade live with comfort.

  • 10K Free Hosting Credits / mo
  • Full live monitoring, and portfolio risk
  • Email Support
  • Team Collaboration
  • Model Experiments (Only Hosted)
  • Model CI/CD via Git
  • Blankly Plugins
  • Blankly Portfolio
  • Risk Tearsheets
  • Live Parameter Updates (Only Hosted)
  • Blankly Automations
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Enterprise or High Volume

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Dedicated support and infrastructure for your company.

  • More than 3M+ Trading Volume
  • Isolated infrastructure
  • Optimized Builds & Backtests
  • On-prem deployment via Anthos
  • 99.9% Uptime Agreements
  • Dedicated support managers & SLAs
  • Integrate with internal frameworks
  • Custom Integrations
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Frequently asked questions

Is it cheaper to do self-hosting?

Self-hosting takes a lot more time to set up and oftentimes takes more money (Blankly + Individual Containers). Blankly has signed deals with our cloud partners to offer you the best containers at the best prices. We also actively manage your containers so you can focus on building better algorithms.

Is hosting with Blankly safe?

We ensure that all of your models and backtests are safe, secure, and isolated from anyone else. We follow proper security protocols and manage multi-cluster deployments to ensure your trading algos are always up and running. If you want even more security, check out our enterprise plan uptime agreements.

Which plan is best for me?

The hobby plan is best for those that are just getting started. The pro plan is best for teams and commercial use and those that are serious about making money with their trading algorithms. Enterprise is for teams seeking greater performance, on-prem support, and security.

Does the platform support any package / framework?

Yes it does! We have built the platform to support any trading framework including, bt, backtrader, and any custom framework of your choosing.

Is hosting charged separate?

Hosting is charged separate however each plan does come with a free number of credits to help get you started.

Can I buy additional hosting?

Yes of course. If you run over your free credit limit, you are automatically notified and charged for additional hosting

How do you keep my keys and items secure?

We encrypt all keys as models are uploaded, we also provide an API Key management service so that you don't have to put your keys in code

Is there a limit to how many teams I can have?

No, there's no limit

How do credits translate to usage?

1000 credits equals one dollar of usage. We charge different amounts for vCPU and vRAM GB-Hour. Blankly event functions and logic are charged by total duration multipled by total memory usage.